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Hi! I'm Kaleigh Eichel, creator of Avioyak!

About Avioyak

Avioyak, pronounced [av-ee-oh-yah k], is an audio podcast with 5 episodes that shares the research of scientists working near Churchill, Manitoba at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) during the summer of 2011.

"Avioyak" is an inuit work meaning "the buzzing in ears." That's why the mosquito has become our mascot and why we hope that each episode leaves you buzzing with excitement about northern research!

I made Avioyak for my fourth year thesis in Knowledge Integration at the University of Waterloo with Dr. LeeAnn Fishback at the CNSC as my supervisor. Click here to see other KI research. I learned how to conduct interviews, how to use audio recording equipment and editing programs, how to put together an episode by translating specialist scientific language into something the general public can understand, how to create, run, and analyze a study on the design of the program and the effectiveness of a podcast as a learning tool, how to create a website (tada!) and how not to go crazy in the process!

About the Creator

I'm Kaleigh Eichel. I'm a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo getting my Bachelors of Knowledge Integration. I've done research in Churchill, Manitoba in 2010 and 2011 on the ponds in the area (that's a picture of my microcosm experiment!) I wrote about my 2011 summer experience in my blog! In addition to the research, however, I'm interested in how to communicate science to nonscientists, which is why I undertook creating this podcast.

About the Supervisor

I’m Dr. LeeAnn Fishback.  I work as the Scientific Coordinator at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.  Part of my job is to communicate current science findings to the general public and Avioyak is a great example of assisting researchers to make their science accessible to others!  I have lived and worked year-round in the subarctic environment near Churchill, Manitoba since 2002.  I hope you enjoy this podcast experience that Kaleigh has created for her fourth year thesis project. Visit the CNSC Research staff blog for more information on our current adventures in science!

Avioyak - the buzzing in ears - from Churchill, Manitoba.
My fourth year research thesis in Knowledge Integration, Centre for Knowledge Integration at the University of Waterloo.
2012 © Kaleigh Eichel
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Dr. LeeAnn Fishback, Churchill Northern Studies Centre
Dr. Ed Jernigan, Centre for Knowledge Integration, University of Waterloo